About us

We are the advertising agency with an established position in the market. We focus on all forms of visual communication. We began as large-format printing house and outdoor advertising broker. Today we go out to customers with a much wider range of offer.

From idea to business: we create an ad from scratch or materialize ideas of the customer. From concept, through design, to implementation. No matter whether it is a single unit exposure, or large-format campaign.

We have the most experience in the Tricity large-format printing market. We PRINT digitally up to 1440 dpi, offering limitless printing surfaces. We produce banners, mesh, posters (billboards, citylights, wallpapers, etc.), printed adhesive films (white, translucent, perforated, contour-cut, etc.), stands, boards, roll-ups, flags and so on.

We PLOTTER-CUT shapes and letters. In the production of contour-cut stickers we take advantage of machine’s optical markers.

For many years we have been offering LARGE FORMAT MEDIA on buildings facades in the Tricity. Always in prime locations along major traffic routes for both wheeled and pedestrians. All media are illuminated. Of course, a comprehensive service also includes the printing and installation.

We design, produce and install all ADVERTISING MEDIA: billboards, citylight, mobile advertising, signage systems, visual identification systems, totems, letters, light panels, blown media (airwall, other spatial forms) and so on.

A comprehensive ADVERTISING SERVICE includes: graphic design, media structural projects, administrative procedure, tiling posters and films (boards, shopwindows, application on glass and plastics).

In summary, we have production facilities as well as the necessary knowledge and human resources to translate these opportunities into customer satisfaction. We follow the latest trends and technologies. Thanks to many years of experience we want and we can offer our customers a service that stands out form and quality. We are not afraid of difficult or unconventional tasks. We do not offer solutions to the cheapest as a rule, because they do not guarantee customer satisfaction. We believe that the best solution lies in the middle and it means a high quality product at a competitive price.

We encourage you to submit queries. We are pleased to answer any of your questions or concerns by phone at +48 600 295 018 or by e-mail at marcin@b52.com.pl.